-|- Keith's 1993 S4 For Sale
1993 Audi S4 - For Sale
My 1993 S4 is for sale!
This is because Nov 6th I am picking up a 95.5 S6 from Maine.
I will be keeping my 17" SSR wheels, and putting the S6 wheels on my S4.
A brief overview of my car in "for sale" form:
1993 S4, Between 146-150k miles
PICTURES: Exterior: Macro -|- Exterior: Detail -|- Interior -|- Engine compartment -|- Other Pics
Engine: Suspension: Exterior:
  • IA "improved RS2" exhaust manifold
  • IA "custom RS2 based" turbo (slightly smaller turbine improves low end response at cost of hp at high RPM compared to RS2)
  • Mihnea Cotet custom tuned SW (24-25psi)
  • RS2 injectors
  • RS2 exhaust manifold
  • RS2 MAF
  • Full set Samco hoses w/ Turbo Clamps
  • Forge bypass valve
  • Stromung 3" Turbo-Back exhaust
  • Eibach Springs
  • Bilstein Shocks
  • ECS Stage II brakes:
  • 993TT "Big Red" Calipers
  • Euro A8 314mm rotors
  • Mintex RedBox Pads
  • SS brake lines
  • ECS Camber correction plates
  • 16" "Avus" factory wheels from UrS6
  • Continental conti-extreme contact tires-only about 10k mileson them
  • Euro headlights, both with new Lenses
  • Blau headlight relay harness installed
  • Euro Clear corner markers
  • Kamei front sport Grille
  • Tinted windows: 70% on front doors, 50% on rear doors and rear window
New Parts: Interior: Audio:
  • Timing Belt
  • All Fluids (trans, diff)
  • New in last 30k miles:
  • AC compressor
  • Hydraulic (PS) Pump
  • Bomb
  • Serpentine Tensioner pulley
  • Rear brake calipers & rotors
  • Hand brake cables
  • Clutch and (dont remember if flywheel too, have to check)
  • Front control arms
  • Rear toe links
  • Coolant resevoir
  • Trans mount
  • Climate Control computer (used part)
  • Battery
  • 2w IC bulb upgrade
  • Maple trim from 97 S6
  • Timing Belt
  • Radiator
  • Shroth 4pt harnesses for driver & passenger front seats, "stowable" when not needed
  • Code-Alarm Remote Entry / Remote Start / Alarm System
  • includes Window/Sunroof auto-close and Remote Rear-Defrost turn-on
Car currently has the following audio system, it will be negotiable how much is included with the car:
  • Alpine CD receiver
  • Alpine 12 disk changer
  • Alpine V12 200W Amp for 4 cabin speakers
  • Alpine V12 400W Amp for Subwoofers
  • Front: 2x MB Quart 2 way speakers
  • Rear: 2x MB Quart 2 way speakers w/ external crossover (bi-amped)
  • Sub: 2x10" JL Audio Subwoofers in removable enclosure. (It is most likely I wouldkeep the subs and 400w amp, and sell the car with the remaining setup, would depend on price buyer would be willing to pay for said parts)
Known problems: Driver seat heater non-op. (Remaining 3 work fine)
  • Cruise control non-op (plan to fix this)
  • Switches for front driver+passenger courtesy lights broken (the ones that are part of the oh-shit handles)
  • Need to re-install Airbag bulb in IC, Airbag system is fine with no codes (tested w/ VAG-COM August 2004)
  • Stromung muffler rattles a bit when cold
  • Front bumper: a few of the interior posts that are behind the center removable grill peices are broken but repaired with wire.
  • Needs belly pad (plan to get one)
  • Interior condtion: a 9 on a scale of 10 Exterior condition: a 6 on a scale of 10 (some bumper scratches, some scratches on hood & doors, middle plastic door trim is new but lower rubber door trim is not perfect) In short - not a show car, but still looks good and you don't feel guilty driving in the winter or feeling the need to park at the far end of the parking lot.) All mods and maintenance have been done in the last few years. I bought the car in 2001 and it was complety stock at that time with approx 112k miles. Most upgrades and major maintenance was done by about 125k mile range. After that the car ran 1-Lap-Of-America, after that I drove it to Oregon and left it with my dad for 2 years while I was in Germany, he did about 8k miles there. Just before I picked it up (July 2004), there was about $1200 of maintenance done as a result of a thorough inspection of engine and drivetrain for the Mihnea Cotet tuning session.
    All engine upgrade/maintenance parts and, & suspension parts, etc installed by a professional. (I only installed the front brake kit) Everything done in the past 4 years has been to create an excellent street car that would have lasted me till at least 2009 / 250,000 miles. (i.e. when in doubt, I put brand new parts in...). Oil has always been changed at 3000-4000 mile intervals with only the proper german filters and proper synthetic oil. For above, I am looking for around $11k. I easily have 1.5 times amount in upgrades and new parts alone in the past 4 years... -|- Keith's 1993 S4 For Sale